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Faye Spencer was born in Saudi Arabia in 1990, and was soon after evacuated to the UK. She has lived there since, and is currently based in the North West.


To make her work, she shamelessly mines ideas and images from folklore, mythology, tarot and the occult. She is drawn to the irrational, the unclean, the unkempt, the kitsch, the ugly, the gaudy, the abject, the grotesque and the carnivalesque. She primarily makes gewgaws and whatsits and thingummies. In practice this means comics about puppets and social justice, pererse watercolours and live (morris) dance performances.


She straddles that uncomfortable territory between fine art and illustration, which probably means that she isn't doing either of those things properly. She realises that this distinction between 'real' art and illustration is probably based on snobbery and the outmoded notion of the Artist as Genius, but it remains that the idea still prevails and causes her endless practical problems.







July 2013 - University of Central Lancashire - 1st class BA (Hons) Fine Art


2008/9 - Studied BA Philosophy and Theology at St. Andrews University



Group shows



April 2016 - Folklore, with Marcus Coates and Cassandra Harrison, Hanover Project, Preston


January-Feb 2016 Love Conquers All - Circus of Illustration - Bedford


December-Feb 2015/16 NN Contemporary Open - NN Contemporary, Northampton


July-August 2015 Stages - Circus of Illustration - Bedford


July-September 2015 - MK Calling - Milton Keynes Gallery


December-January 2014/15 - Eastern Approaches - UH Galleries, St. Albans


September 2014 - Corridor - Video piece commissioned by Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books, Manchester


July 2014 - Leverhulme Scholars Presentation - Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire


October 2013 - Best, - Malgras/Naudet, Manchester


October 2012 - Art of Ours - Chorley



Solo show



November-May 2013/14 - The Monstrous Body of Perpetual Research - Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston





October 2016 - Questioning the Dead - collaboration with Marcus Coates at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, as part of the Museums at Night Festival


June 2016 - Simon Munnery's Film School: end of term presentation - morris dance jig in collaboration with Mill Race Folk - guest slot in Munnery’s Fringe festival show, brought to Bedford.


May 2016 - Cover Me in Pens 2 - Remixxd - solo jig as part of a rebrand event for Bedford Creative Arts


March 2016 - Twa Sisters - morris dance performance in collaboration with Mill Race Folk, Bedofrd


December 2015 - Simon Munnery’s Fylm School - guest (morris dancing) slot in Munnery’s Fringe festival show, brought to Bedford.


November 2015 - The Bedford Songbook launch concert - morris dance to Martyn Shouler’s song ‘Cover me in Pen’. Collaboration with Andy Holden and Roger Illingworth. Commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts.


July 2015 - Wired for Morris - morris dance as 1981-era Cliff Richard in Milton Keynes, commissioned by MK Gallery


July 2014 - Nous, nous - feral morris performance in the woods at Wysing Arts Centre


December 2012 - The J.P. Foster Fragments - Lecture performance at UCLAN, Preston






October 2016 - Tales from the Nonniverse 1: Everything is Boke - first chapter of a full-length fantasy fiction comic about a MAAB femme with an eating disorder trying to survive in and make sense of the dystopian 'hyper-folk' universe in which she lives. In this chapter the protagonist and her puppet companion try to make the best of a terrible situation. It's mostly anxious bickering.


Some publicity stuff can be found here and here.


September 2016 - Dirty Rotten Comics 8 - anthology of new comic work - published by Throwaway Press - features a story in which bile explodes from my mouth when I forget how emotions work.


May 2016 - Dead Singers Society volume 2, published by Good Comics - features an allegorical mediation on the life and death of Klaus Nomi.


December 2015 - Dirty Rotten Comics 6 - anthology of new comic work - published by Throwaway Press. Features a story in which I accidentally immolate my own hands.


December 2012 - Red Rose Book of Fairytales - anthology of contemporary fairy tales - published by UCLAN Publishing





December 2014 - St. Albans Fashion Week Award, as part of Eastern Approaches exhibition


February 2014 - Shorlisted for Beers Contemporary award for emerging artists


June 2013 - NADFAS Northwest Bursary Award for excellence in fine art







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